Prices, Terms and Conditions

Prices, Terms and Conditions


  1. One-to-one sessions are charged at £25 per hour and are held in the privacy of the student's own home.

  2. Due to ever increasing motoring costs a nominal fee is charged for each session held outside a 5 mile drive (not radius) from my base in Kirkliston. Using the form below, enter your post code to ascertain the driving distance and consequently the charge you would be liable for. I will use the same form to find your location and to calculate any charge applicable. Where the map indicates multiple routes the lowest distance will be used.

    Additional charges are as follows:

    Mileage Charge
    5 - 10 £3.00
    10 - 15 £6.00
    15 - 20 £9.00
    20 - 25 £12.00

    Please note that it is not cost effective for me to provide tutoring services any further afield.

  3. Sessions can be booked on an individual 'as needed' basis or in blocks of 4 sessions. Such blocks qualify for a 15% discount. Note the travel charge, if applicable, still applies.

Terms and conditions

  1. Maths and Computer Tutoring services are provided by BetamicroSolutions - an independent supplier of IT support and training services since 1993.

  2. BetamicroSolutions is a business based in a residential property. There are no facilities to receive clients. All tutoring services are provided in the comfort of your own home at a time to suit you.

  3. Fees are payable in cash at the end of each tutoring session. In the case of a block booking, fees are payable at the normal rate with any discount being applied in the last session.

  4. No materials are supplied, other than occasional example exercise questions and such. Students are expected to have access to their own writing materials and related equipment. In the case of computer tuition, suitable equipment complete with the necessary software is assumed to be available.

  5. Students should ensure that a suitable work/study area is available for each session. A dining room is ideal for this purpose.

    Note, on no account will any session be held in a private area such as a bedroom. If that is the only facility available to you then I cannot help you.